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Kim Miller

Hello and welcome to our family.  Kim works for the Dept. of  Veteran Affairs.  I have three beautiful children.   We moved to southern New Mexico in 1996, orginally from Texas.  For years we showed and bred Boer goat until 2001 when we dispersed our herd to concentrate more on the Border Collies. We still have boer goats, sheep and cattle to train with.  Matt and Kim started out years ago with Aussie (ASCA and AKC).  Matt did the herding trials and Kim did the conformation showing, the kids showed as well.  After many years of showing/trialing aussies we opted for a different style of working dog.  We fell in love with the Border Collie and the Border Collie trials.  That was just the beginning and has become a full time passion.  Over the years we have strived to perfect our breeding program adding some quality proven individuals in both the pasture working and in the breeding pen.  We want a dog that excells in working and is also capable of passing those traits to their offspring.  We breed for a tuff cattle type of dog that take the pressure and yet still be very biddable,  no soft dogs here.  Our dogs have proven themself in competion as well is producing the type of dog we look for.  Many top handlers currently have our dogs and we'd glad to let you talk to them and listen to their braggs.  Our dogs have also excelled in the agility ring.  Please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about our dogs, we'd love to chat.



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